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Alcazar“ is a catamaran that achieves exactly the right balance between function, safety and a striking design, „Made in Germany“. It was designed and built by the team of:

Concept: Burkhard Pieske, Lübeck
Design: Georg Nissen, Laboe
Interior Design: Manfred Mittelbach, Stuttgart

The result is a pure and elegant sailing catamaran which meets even the highest expectations - not only does it sail superbly but it offers comfortable accommodation.

Alcazar“ was built to stand up to the demands of trans-Atlantic sailing. High technology materials were used throughout, like the epoxy/wood/glass-fibre/kevlar mixture (WEST SYSTEM from Gougeon INC. USA) used to produce the robust hulls.


The Boat

The nautical equipment on the „Alcazar“ is comprehensive and of the best quality. Although the interior design of Alcazar is exclusive. This doesn't mean, that the issue of the environment has been forgotten; the boat is fitted with solar panels and a wind generator. In addition, absolutely everything is done to ensure that „Alcazar“ leaves no trace of its passing.

On Board

A full variety of sailing activities awaits your choice ... from racing along at full speed ... to cruising lazily along a fascinating shoreline. You can choose to stop in a deserted bay to „get away from it all“, or snorkel in crystal clear blue seas, or paddle to the shore ... its your choice.


On „Alcazar“ you will find a cuisine to match the atmosphere „swabian - caribbean - international“ ... barbecues under a starlit night sky, delights grilled on an open fire, good wine and of course fresh, so fresh, fish. Enjoy your breakfast on deck under a blue sky and bask in the solitude. Listen to the sound of the sea and nothing else, or pick your favourite CD ... Vivaldi, The Stones ... its your choice.

On „Alcazar“ you can relax like you've never relaxed before ...

The Boat
The Boat


On this catamaran you'll never feel cramped; „Alcazar“ has 186 square yards (160 square meters) of living space !

Inside the boat most of the fittings and furniture are from varnished teakwood whith contrasting white panels. Each of the friendly cabins is separate and allows you privacy when you want it. Then, in the spacious cockpit area you'll find a sofa with an uninterrupted view to the horizon, a well-stocked library and room enough to laze around.

Outside on deck, there is plenty of room to stretch your sea-legs, or sunbath lying in the trampoline net between the twin hulls.

Alcazar from up
Alcazar from up

On „Alcazar“ you can relax like you've never relaxed before ...

Starboard Side

Fore Cabin: „Home Sweet Home“ for the Skipper Manfred and Angelica.

Aft Cabin: Single berth cabin (6.5 x 2.6 feet / 200 x 80 cm), with built-in wardrobes, washbasin, separate bathroom*, a seat, a hatch for fresh air and, so you don't miss any of the action, portholes.

Port Side

Fore Cabin: Double berth cabin (6.5 x 5.6 feet / 200 x 180 cm), built-in wardrobe and lockers, separate bathroom*, a seat, hatches (to catch the sea breeze) and portholes (a room with a view).

Aft Cabin: Single berth (6.5 x 2.6 feet / 200 x 80 cm), lockers, washbasin, separate bathroom*, seat, hatch and porthole.

The Crew

links: Angelica Porst, rechts: Manfred Mittelbach
left: Angelica Porst, right: Manfred Mittelbach

A friendly and competent crew awaits you on the „Alcazar“. Manfred (born in '50) studied engineering before catching the „sailing bug“. Angelica (born '53) taught art and cookery. They have been together now for over thirty years, so it's a real team !

On board, you'll find a relaxed atmosphere in which everyone can bring their own ideas for tomorrow's programme. Only at safety matters does the Skipper always have the last word !

Angelica Porst
Angelica Porst
Manfred Mittelbach
Manfred Mittelbach

We look forward to welcoming you on board

Technical Specifications

Length: 46.1 feet (14.20 m) Diesel engine: 2x48 hp
Beam: 26 feet (14.20 m) Sail Area: 1267 sq feet (120 m²)
Draft: 3.3 feet (1.00 m) Mast height: 54.6 feet (16.80 m)
Water: (2 x 350 liters) Kette: Ø 10 mm: 70 m
Solar panels: 16 Amp Wind generator: 1



Alcazar Yacht Charter Co. Ltd.
Capt. M. Mittelbach
P.O. Box 3617
Golflands, St. George’s
Grenada, W.I.
Telephone: 1-473/415 0263
eMail: alcazar_caribsail@yahoo.com
Tax Reg. No.: 32/3545

Member of: Trans Ocean - TO - 1990
Member of: Grenada Yacht Club 1996
Member of: Grenada Tourism Association 1998

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